We are a company located in Antalya. Founded in 2016, Botmizer offers you simple chatbot builder system. We did it more than just a chatbot. With API support, it can be integrated to your system easily. We think simple when we start a job to solve our clients problems. We are all together to make it more simple, user-friendly chatbot system.
We know the chatbots will be grown day by day and lot of people will solve their problems. We compare it to the system of the telephone answering machines. But it’s more social and smart. Today’s technology allows us to reach this goal and we do it. There is no need to code to build a bot. Your bot can be ready less than 5 minutes.

Botmizer consists of a combination of Bot and Optimisation words.

Yiğit Yüceer

Founder, Civil Engineer, Marketing


Azmi Cirit

Backend Software Developer

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